Bushclearing / landclearing

Driessen Vreeland is a certified contractor specialized in bush clearing, land clearing, replanting, tree services and the production of biomass for powerplants. Driessen Vreeland has great experience in busclearing and land clearing all over the world. Driessen Vreeland has full tree shredders to handle any size of tree. In own management Driessen Vreeland has developed unique floating equipment as a result of which the equipment of Driessen Vreeland can also be used in swamp areas.

Driessen Vreeland has developed a QA/HSEC system to assure quality and a high level of control of health, safety, and environmental aspects during the preparation and execution of projects. The Driessen Vreeland QA/HSEC system is certified for the NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2000 and VCA*-standards.  

For further information about swamp-equipment check our websites: www.swampcat.nl or www.swamp-equipment.com